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zoozler, inc


I worked as a graphic designer for Zoozler before they were known as Zoozler. As they were going through a name change and brand reinvoation, I had the opportunity to provide insight and design direction for the brand and develop the new logo.

This logo was created with vibrant red, orange and yellow colors. They represent action and excitement and are patterned in a way representing a sunrise for a new start.

The secondary color of deep blue is for stability and loyalty to client and customer relations.

The two O's in the infinity symbol represent infinite innovation and reiteration. Stylized in a fun and unique way to match the modern type design of the rest of the word and melding into the Z's on either side.


Building off the logo and brand identity built, color blocks and gradients in the color palette are used to pair with imagery and iconography. 

The final materials produced are stickers, icons, logos, business cards, handouts, worksheets and checklists, pamphlets, and banners.

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