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quatman cafe


The owners of the Quatman Cafe wanted to keep their original logo. This logo was hand-drawn and never converted to digital files; scanned into a computer as a JPG and left as is. I took the JPG files and converted the designs into SVG, PNG, and AI files, making minimal changes to the integrity of the logo design but cleaning it up so it could be utilized and better implemented across all materials. 

Quatman Logo.png


The original website has an older design style dating it, with the fixed window, set on a gray background. A single header image, followed by blocks of text make it hard to find information.


Designing the updated website, full-width imagery, and breaking up information with imagery. Creating cleaner type and layout design so viewers can easily digest information. 


For the menus, I pulled color and type from the website designs to create a cohesive brand experience. Implementing some boxes around content to help break up and make categories easily ingestible, while making sure kids sections and specials stand out. 

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